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At the core our identity lies a company with a distinguished heritage, embracing a rich and endurcing tradition. Our journey began back in 1951, driven by our unwavering commitment to specialising in the production of top-tier articles for thr shipbuilding industry. As we fast forward to the present day, we take immense prode in our position as a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge photovoltaic installation sysytems. Our products have gained widespread acclaim, begin extensively emplyed in the construction of solar farms not just within Europe, but throughout the World.



Recently Completed Projects

37 MW
Myslowice, Poland
We invite you to watch the summary of the project for TAURON SERWIS
10 MW
Matuizos, Lithuania
Lithuania is currently one of the countries with the highest growth…
32 MW
Purtse, Estonia
Wind – Solar hybrid farm in Estonia, a comprehensive way to harness

Fueled by a Tight-Knit, Technology-Driven Team

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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver

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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver

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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver

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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver


Excellence is the hallmark of our
capabilities in the following fields:

Solar Mounting Systems

We offer a diverse range of fixings and complete mounting systems, catering to every type of solar project. From residential installations to large-scale solar farms, our products are designed for durability and efficiency, ensuring the success of your solar endeavors. With our comprehensive solutions and expert support, we are your reliable partner in harnessing the power of the sun for a sustainable future.

Complex PV Installations

Discover the ease and efficiency of our all-inclusive photovoltaic solutions installation services today. Harness the power of solar energy with confidence as our experienced team guides you through the process. From personalised consultations to seamless installations and ongoing support, we ensure your solar project's success and a greener future. Embrace renewable energy and make a positive impact with our top-of-the-line photovoltaic solutions tailored to your needs.


Our seasoned team of professionals, possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, dedicates unwavering effort to design and produce state-of-the-art ship equipment that seamlessly blends innovation, reliability, and uncompromising quality. Safety, functionality, and travel comfort are of utmost importance in modern seagoing ships and yachts.


Welcome to the epitome of excellence in electroplating services, where we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled quality and precision. Our commitment to using the finest technologies ensures that our products and services are at the forefront of the industry. As a result, we have earned the trust and loyalty of thousands of customers throughout Europe, including esteemed giants like BMW, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce brands.


Sonnenberg® brings clarity to even the most challenging projects.


Powering the Future, starts here Today!

It’s more than a phrase, it’s our promise. By partnering with us, we will jointly secure
a future that thrives on sustainable and clean energy solutions.