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Complex Photovoltaic Installations

Photovoltaic systems combine advanced technology with renewable energy sources seamlessly, creating a perfect synergy that requires flawless installation. The installation process is crucial, which is why we prioritise our comprehensive solar panel installation services.

Our Photovoltaic Installation Services Cover:

Tailored Design

We customise photovoltaic systems to suit the specific requirements of any photovoltaic project.

Expert Advice

Our team provides valuable insights into selecting the most appropriate solutions for your project, including guidance on legal and financial considerations.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

We handle the procurement and delivery of all essential installation components, such as panels, inverters, wiring and other necessary accessories.

Seamless Grid Integration

Our experts ensure a smooth connection between your solar installation and the local power grid to ensure optimal performance.

You Can Rely On Us

With extensive experience in various European markets, we’re not just ordinary installers; we’re your dedicated energy partners. We assure you of exceptional quality throughout every stage of your project, starting from the initial concept to the moment your system becomes operational.

Unique Installation

To elevate the standards of photovoltaic installations, we utilise our own premium grade accessories like durable mounting rails and brackets. These specially engineered components are designed for long lasting performance and reliability.

European Presence

Although based in Poland, our operations reach far beyond local borders. We are fully equipped to take on projects across the entire European continent, delivering our expertise and unmatched quality right to your doorstep.

Contact us for a photovoltaic installation service that transcends the ordinary and guarantees an extraordinary, enduring energy solution.

Are you interested in investing in Solar Energy?

The world is going through a transition towards sustainable energy sources and solar power is leading the way. As an investor, you have a unique chance to be part of a revolution that not only promises great financial returns but also promotes a greener and more sustainable future.


Industry Experience
With over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, we possess the expertise and knowledge to deliver efficient and profitable solar farms.


Our team is constantly researching and implementing cutting edge solar technologies to ensure optimal efficiency and profitability.


We believe in maintaining an open dialogue with our investors. You will receive real time updates and comprehensive quarterly reports on your investment's performance.


Our solar farms are designed with long term sustainability in mind, utilizing eco friendly materials and fostering community partnerships.


Global Reach
Operating in 12 countries and expanding, we offer diverse investment opportunities tailored to different market preferences.

Choose Sonnenberg for a photovoltaic installation service that goes above and beyond expectations, ensuring an extraordinary and sustainable energy solution for years to come.