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At SONNENBERG®, we pride ourselves on providing professional, comprehensive assistance in designing and implementing photovoltaic projects, empowering you to harness the sun’s energy most efficiently.

As a reputable contractor of photovoltaic installations, we ensure best solutions that meet the highest standards.

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Solar Mounting

Our offer includes a wide range of fixings and complete mounting systems for every type of solar project.

PV Installations

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Decades of ship equipment expertise ensure products that surpass even the highest expectations.


Experience the epitome of excellence in electroplating services, powered by cutting-edge technology.

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Sonnenberg® brings clarity to even the most challenging projects. We’ve mastered fast turnaround times, and developed custom cost-effective solutions.

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We invite you to watch the summary of the project for TAURON SERWIS
Myslowice, Poland
37 MW
Lithuania is currently one of the countries with the highest growth…
Matuizos, Lithuania
10 MW
Wind – Solar hybrid farm in Estonia, a comprehensive way to harness
Purtse, Estonia
32 MW
We are simultaneously carrying out many projects across Europe
Triel, France
3,6 MW

Powering the Future, starts here Today!

It’s more than a phrase, it’s our promise. By partnering with us, we will jointly secure a future that thrives on sustainable and clean energy solutions.